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Stephen Dent offers commercial construction services for corporate clients in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. All commercial projects are made with extra focus and care to make sure that your new company building is exactly what you envision. We have developed a wide range of corporate buildings from: retail buildings, warehouse buildings, and medium to large scale office buildings.

We have the necessary resources and contractors to accomplish any commercial construction task you may need Stephen Dent to perform. For more information on how Stephen Dent and his contractor team can help you custom develop your commercial building, contact Stephen Dent to start a free consultation and make your dream a reality.

Stephen Dent Construction has been conducting construction services since 1972.

Commercial Real Estate Construction Tips

When beginning a commercial real estate construction project, its success is determined by profitability and quality. Proper planning, vetting and risk assessment all work together to improve the outcome of the project. Here are some commercial real estate construction tips.

Importance of sound planning

The most important tip Stephen Dent can give you is to have a solid plan. There should always be a vision for the anticipated outcome of the project. The plan should take into account a number of variables. One of the most important considerations is the estimated return to be made on a deal. Consider how much income will be generated from rent from tents. Consider how much of the building should be rented. The specifications of the project should be developed especially for the contractor team. There will undoubtedly be uncertainty with any project; planning minimizes the risks of surprises.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is another important consideration. Commercial real estate construction carries a number of inherent risks. Every potential risk that could occur during the course of the project should be explored. No matter how simple and straightforward the project may appear to be, all projects come with risks. Communication strategies should be implemented to minimize risks throughout the progression of the construction project. Parties responsible for managing the various risks associated with a given project should be documented as well as have a protocol for handling risks that have occurred. Every risk associated with a project cannot be avoided altogether, but adequate preparation with Stephen Dent can make each risk easier to manage.

Vet contractors

While it may be tempting to focus exclusively on the pricing for working with a specific contractor, there should be a list of criterion that should be developed for properly vetting candidates. Deadlines should be evaluated on their ability to consistently meet deadlines. Construction contractors should have proper licensing, insurance and bonding. Candidates should be prepared to submit estimates for the project plans supplied to them. Any quotes submitted should evaluate the grade of materials used to guarantee a minimum level of quality as well as add predictability to the overall cost of the project.

Contractor information can be obtained through references and examining the portfolio.
A successful projects begins with a though risk assessment. Sound planning and selecting the right contractors affects the quality of the project and its outcome. Factoring in these three elements can protect your margins and produce a great finished product for the client.

Commercial Construction Design Strategies

Retail design can be challenging for some business owners. However, Stephen Dent has found that there are ways to make the design process easier.

Understand The Client

Many retailers protect their brands. However, some businesses get certain advantages based on their locations. No matter how a business operates, business owners must know their clients. This is important because various situations can occur during construction. Each design should offer some sort of benefit that will help the company earn more money. New businesses should choose designs that will help the store open on time.

Understanding The Tenant Design Manual

A tenant design manual governs the tenants. It provides information about what a tenant can and cannot do. Different locations have unique rules that are somewhat strict. Because of this, business owners must read the manual to avoid any possible problems.

Understand The Work Rules

A business owner must understand the intricacies of the building where business operations will occur. Union labor may be required; if union labor is required, a business owner will get an accurate bid.

Long-Lead Items

Many businesses use glass during the design process. However, the process of blowing glass takes time. Business owners must understand this. Glass construction procedures cannot be rushed. Other construction projects will also take a while to complete, such as lighting, signage, and tiles. These projects will require a contract.

Commercial Construction Tips

There is nothing more stressful than a construction project. Building a new home or renovating an existing takes a lot of research and preparation. Here are some tips from Stephen Dent to help you successfully plan for your next construction project.

Examine the budget

To avoid any unexpected costs during your project, you must closely examine the budget. After receiving a bid from a contractor, review each line item. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get a better understanding of what all you are paying for in your construction project. Remember that floating timelines can lead to unexpected costs and drive up the costs. Be certain that the project plan presented contains timelines.

Shop around

Don’t be afraid to shop around. While getting a construction off the ground may seem daunting, take the extra time to get several different quotes for project. Anywhere between three and five estimates is a good starting point. This will not only give you a proper perspective on what to expect in costs for your project, it will also give you access to the best pricing.

Stay organized

Keep track of all of the correspondence and communications with your contractors. Hold copies of any and all requests made for your project. Save all invoices and be aware of all the additional costs incurred by you for special requests. Contracts, building permits and other documentation should all be managed neatly for easy access throughout the construction process.

Think past pricing

Although budget-conscious individuals list pricing as a very important consideration in their building efforts, it should not be the only consideration. Among other things to consider is the quality of the craftsmanship, which can be ascertained by referrals, portfolios, and recommendations. Think about the quality of the materials used. Durable and sustainable materials used for construction more than pay for themselves over time.

The budget, quality and pricing should all be something you are comfortable with undertaking any type of construction project. Ask lots of questions and remain fully engaged throughout the entire process to ensure that things run smoothly. Careful planning well in advance guarantees a successful outcome.